How To Automate Your Newsletter Sponsorships Bookings

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Future time saved: 10+ hours/week.

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Hey – Mike here

There's a common misconception about newsletters and sponsorships. People believe you have no chance of getting sponsored unless you have thousands of subscribers. And maybe it used to be that way.

But now? Building in public has flipped things. Plus, it helps that the more niche your newsletter is, the more valuable.

One of my Twitter pals, Katt Risen, launched her newsletter not too long ago.

She posted this Tweet in late September.

notion image

Fast forward to Oct 12th

notion image

She'd made $525 from sponsors. Incredible!

Of course, it’s no surprise since her newsletter is excellent. I love experiments, and this was one I wanted to try. So, I followed in her footsteps and fired of the following Tweet...

The results?

Five booked sponsorships 🥳

How the Sponsorship Booking OS was born

It didn't take long for me to realize how tedious the entire sponsorship booking process was...

  • Constant back-and-forth emails
  • Follow-ups
  • Confirmation
  • Invoicing

I almost began to doubt if it was all worth it... I remembered this Tweet by Arvid and understood how he felt.

notion image

How the Sponsorship Booking Works (GIFs included)

1. Create your booking page. I've included a template for you which you can view here.

2. When someone clicks to reserve your ad, they’re taken to an Airtable form. Sponsors add the details and the date they'd like to book.

3. The power behind having a database like Airtable is only available dates will be shown. You'll also be able to manage all your sponsors in a single location, like having a CRM.

4. After submitting the form, they’re redirected to Stripe to make the payment.

Ready to Put Your Sponsorship Booking System on Autopilot?

I got you covered!

As usual, this edition of the Busy to Leveraged Letters comes with the following:

  • A free template of this automation (so you can get the same results without having to build anything yourself)
  • And a checklist to help you “install” the template in less than 10 minutes (so you don’t waste time “figuring things out”).

📌 Click here to grab your copy of the template and the checklist.

You’ll need to be on a desktop to be able to install your free copy of the template. If you’re reading from a mobile device, bookmark this email (or the link above), so you can return to it later!

And if you need help or have questions, reply and let us know!

I hope this was helpful.

Chat next week!


Credit to Michelle Mac, who made my life easier with her article on creating an ad booking system.