How To Document Your Workflow Automations

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Building workflow automations is only a small part of the equation if you want to build a business that runs on autopilot (and be an asset).

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By this point, you should be familiar with the importance of having well-oiled systems. One key component of building these systems is proper documentation.

Why is documenting your workflow automations important?

Documentation is necessary for various reasons, but the most important is documentation allows you to delegate. Suppose every automation is built by you (or an agency). In that case, your business can’t run by itself since it’s dependent on you (or another party).

If you've already begun building automations (we hope you have), then you're probably feeling frustrated about remembering things like,

• What automations you’ve already built?• Who built what? (if you work with a team)• Where are your automations located? What apps are you using?• How are your automations triggered? What links or projects are these automations associated with?

As a result, we're sharing a simple but powerful system to help you build and document your automations so you can create automations that run on autopilot (and turn your business into an asset).

In addition, we’ve included 2 automation templates to monitor your Zaps using Zapier Manager.

These two templates will give you peace of mind knowing your Zaps are running smoothly. Click to copy each template.

1. Get notified if one of your Zaps gets an error2. Get notified when 80% of your task limit is reached

Check out these additional powerful notifications you can set up with Zapier Manager

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Ready to turn your business into an asset and build automations that run on autopilot?

We got you covered!

As usual, this edition of the Busy to Leveraged Letter comes with:

  • A free template (so you can get the same results without having to build anything yourself)
  • And a checklist to help you “install” the template in less than 10 minutes (so you don’t waste time “figuring things out”).

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