How To Put Your Business Finances on Autopilot

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Hey - Mike here!

As a digital content creator, wearing various hats is something you're probably used to. With so much to do, one task we often ignore is managing our business finances.

We know it's a responsibility we need to handle, yet many choose not to... 😓

Few crazy stats:

How My Poor Business Financial Practices Mistakes Cost Me

In 2016, I ventured into reselling products on Amazon.

I took a $50 “investment” and turned it into a business that generated ~$20K in monthly revenue (with a ~60% net profit margin).

Things were going well...

My Downfall

My usual workdays consisted of me sourcing products, packaging, shipping, and admin work for 16+ hours a day until I finally broke.

Burnout got the best of me.

Many mistakes were made on my part. But the costliest one was ignoring the financial health of my business.

What did the financial health of my business finances have to do with me burning out?

See, I knew I needed help and had to delegate. But because I didn’t have control of my finances, I didn't know if it was the right time... so I delayed... 🤦‍♂️

Once the dust settled, the accountant I hired to fix my mess later told me I could've hired 1-2 people without a problem... ah, lesson learned.

I'd hate anyone else to experience this which is why I'm sharing it even if it's embarrassing...

So in today’s Letter, I’m sharing an idea to help you put your business finances on autopilot so you can grow a profitable and healthy business. Stop wasting time doing repetitive, low-value work, and focus on what you do best!

Automating Stripe Payments

Today's template offers you three ready-to-use templates and bonus resources.

  • We’ve also included a template for my EU folks who need to collect VAT.
  • If the templates include apps that you don’t use in your business, that’s OK.

Analyze the template and see how it works and replace it with the app of your choice. If it’s not available, then check out Make.

Ready to Put Your Business Finances on Autopilot?

We got you covered!

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I hope this was helpful!