How To Run Virtual Community Events On Autopilot

Read time: 5 minutes  

Future time saved: 10+ hours/week

Working effectively means maximizing how you spend your time without working harder or longer hours. It requires prioritizing and protecting your calendar from distractions and low-value work.

For example, our friend Aron Korenblit is the founder of Automate All the Things, where he runs weekly virtual events for his YouTube channel, newsletter, and blog. On his site is a public Google Calendar where his audience can add the calendar to their mobile device (so they don't miss an episode).

If you’ve ever run virtual events yourself, then you’re familiar with how much work is involved (imagine doing it every week!). A key component in Aron's ability to juggle so many projects are the systems he's built (you'll receive the system and template below 😉).

Even if you’ve never run a virtual event or have no plans to do so soon, the workflow we share will help you see what’s possible!

So in today’s Letter, we want to share an idea to help you put all your virtual events on autopilot - so you can stop wasting time doing repetitive, low-value work and focus on what you do best!

Virtual Events Workflow Overview

Here is an imaginary scenario of the process and automation we’re building.

Suppose you run a paid community and allow your community members to host live events. They can share their expertise and add value to your community.

In addition, you would like to have all your events displayed publicly on your site. Visitors could then download the scheduled events to their mobile devices (preview of Aron’s public event page).

Our Tech Stack

Here are the tools we will use to manage and build this automation.

  • Zapier
  • Airtable — Members who wish to host an event will submit their submission through an Airtable form.
  • Google Calendar –– A public calendar (to embed on our “site”).
  • Slack –– All notifications/updates will be sent to the appropriate “team/channel”

Here is the Flowchart of the Workflow
Here is the Flowchart of the Workflow

Ready to host and launch valuable live virtual events on autopilot?

All our Automation Templates come with a step-by-step checklist to help you get setup in 10 minutes or less (this one might be a little longer). But you’ll need to be on a desktop to be able to install your free copy of the template.

So if you’re reading from a mobile device, make sure to bookmark this email (or the link above) so you can come back to it later!

And if you need help or have any questions, just hit reply and let me know!

Hope this was helpful.