Upgrade Your Newsletter Sponsorships Bookings System Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the Newsletter Sponsorship system to make sponsorship management easier.

There were a few requests so I went ahead upgraded the system for you!

Check it out!

Thank you to this week's sponsor!

Justin Moore, the founder of The Creator Wizard, runs a newsletter helping creators:

  • Find which brands & companies are sponsoring
  • Save time and energy when working with brands
  • Find win-win partnerships and avoid becoming another starving creator
  • Immediately get better looking and tell funnier jokes (probably)

→ Join 16K+ creators getting sponsorship deals

1. Track when an ad was paid

No more wondering whether or not someone paid for the ad they booked. Keep track of all your paid ads in a single database.

And what happens if they don't pay?

In the event someone books an ad, but they don't pay because they got "distracted" 😉, I've set up an Airtable automation to email and remind them they've gotta...

2. Don't leave money on the table!

Let's say, there's two days left before you publish your latest newsletter and you haven't filled an ad slot. And, you're too busy to fill it since you're drowning in busy work... all because you haven’t been keeping up with my emails…

It's OK, I forgive you, for now...

Book Your Ads With an Automated Tweet

The automation will let your entire audience know you have an opening only if you have an empty slot 2 days before you publish!

Ready to upgrade your Newsletter Sponsorship System?

As usual, this edition of the Busy to Leveraged Letter comes with:

  • A free template of this automation (so you can get the same results without having to build anything yourself)
  • And a checklist to help you “install” the template in less than 10 minutes (so you don’t waste time “figuring things out”).

📌 Click here to grab your copy of the "upgraded" template and the checklist.

You’ll need to be on a desktop to be able to install your free copy of the template. If you’re reading from a mobile device, bookmark this email (or the link above), so you can return to it later!

And if you need help or have questions, email me